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Karry Hollan, Executive Director


Karry was a preschool teacher for ten years.  She went back to school and has an Associate in Child Development, Associate in English Lit and Bachelor of Liberal Arts.  Karry has worked for The Clearinghouse since 2008.  She considers it her calling in life to feed those with food insecurities.

Gabrielle Jerauld, Store Manager


Gabrielle is a Certified Master Chef who has brought her skills and organization from the kitchen to The Clearinghouse.  She started working for The Clearinghouse in October of 2018.  She has a true heart for the community and works to stamp out hunger anyway she can.

Brad Jerauld, Warehouse Clerk


Brad works hard in the warehouse and Mobile Pantry to make sure everything stays organized and ready for all services we provide.  It is because of his hard work and dedication to the community that we are ready to distribute food to the food insecure on a weekly basis.

Bob Imes, Treasurer


Bob Imes has worked as our Treasurer since 2009.  In his past he was a chemist but with a commitment to our community he works to budget the funding for The Clearinghouse.





Board Of Directors

Robert Northcut, President

Mary Bailey, Vice President

Jennifer Leisgang, Secretary

Robert Imes, Treasurer

William Libbert

Kevin Zusong Wang

John Young

Amy Fryman

Alex Damico

Sarah Siegrist

Zachary Anderson, Attory at Law

Angie Schmarr